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Every online casino wants to come up with a unique recipe that will allow its players to play the best games while generating the most revenue. For 1win, Lucky Jet is that game. The Lucky Jet game is a fabulous new take on the crash game genre that has really taken the world by storm. You can play the Lucky Jet game at 1win Casino (also demo mode), and there are many reasons for you to do so.

In this article, we will tell you all about Lucky Jet, what the game demands and involves, and whether or not you can win cash by playing Lucky Jet at 1win. All that and more awaits you below, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Lucky Jet at 1win!

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Lucky Jet - An alternative to Aviator and other crash games

Given the insane popularity of Aviator, it is no wonder that it was the first love of many people, given how vastly different the game was from all other games available at the time. It is no wonder that other games wanted to cash in on this popularity by creating similar games with similar mechanics and rules. The Lucky Jet game is the result of a highly successful gaming corps.

Lucky jet game

Though it is similar to Aviator or Crash, Lucky Jet sports a distinctly different interface. You don't take an aircraft and go up into the sky, but rather follow Lucky Joe as he takes a jetpack and flies off into the heavens.

Official game name Lucky Jet
Developer Gaming Corps
Maximum odds 200
Category Multiplier Game
Where to play Lucky Jet Exclusively at 1win Casino
Analogues and similar games Aviator, JetX, crash games

And similar to Aviator, players place bets and make withdrawals up until the point at which Lucky Joe begins to plummet back down through the air. This is what makes this game such an enjoyable experience.

Lucky Jet in 1Win

The lucky jet betting game can only be played at 1Win casino. This is because, as developers of the game Lucky Jet, they are well within their rights to keep it to themselves as an exclusive title for their customers. With Lucky Jet, 1Win has got a cash cow - because of how popular the game Lucky Jet has become, people are sure to flock to their site not only to play it but also to check it out. By doing so, they will encounter Aviator and crash games similar to it, popularising all their titles across the board.

Lucky jet 1win

And the casino isn't bad, either! It has a lot of bonuses and payment options that you can avail yourself of. The interactive UI is pleasing to the eye, and navigation is easy, making it easy to find Aviator and crash games like Lucky Jet 1Win. The casino has a good reputation among the player base and is licensed in Curacao, making it legal pretty much all over the world.

If you want to play Lucky Jet for real money, then go ahead and make an account in 1Win casino today! You won't regret it!

Lucky Jet game rules

Before you play Lucky Jet, you need to know the rules. If you've played Aviator or other crash games before, then these rules will be familiar to you. However, if you're new, here's a basic rundown:

  • First and foremost, Lucky Jet is a crash game. A crash game is built on the foundation that the main object will fall and crash. To win a crash game like Lucky Jet, you will have to predict how Lucky Joe flies and when he falls.
  • At first glance, the Lucky Jet game looks simple, and it is, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, you will have to pick a wager. The Jucky Jet betting game allows you to look at the wagers made by other players to give you an idea of what to do.
  • When you've made your wagers, you press the button to play Lucky Jet. As soon as you do, the round starts, and Lucky Joe flies up into an arc and crashes. You can never tell when he will crash, but he will eventually. Sometimes this will take two seconds; other times, he might last a minute! It's all decided by a random number generator, so studying the previous rounds for patterns will not help you. You can then go to the next round and try your luck at the game again.
  • The longer he flies, the higher the multiplier is. Obviously, you want him to fly for as long as he can, as this means that your winnings will be huge! Your deposit gets bet multiplied, and the higher the multiplier, the more you can withdraw money.
  • However, you must withdraw money before Lucky Joe crashes. Even if you make the maximum bet, all your potential winnings will be lost if Lucky Joe crashes and you haven't withdrawn. The random number generator governing the outcome has proven integrity, so player fails are never rigged.

This is what makes the Lucky Jet 1win online game such an exciting game! This gambling game has constant risk, and it puts you in charge of your withdrawals and winnings, unlike most other casino games. Play Lucky Jet only if you want to experience the literal highs and lows of a crash game, but be warned; if you fall in love with it, there is no escaping playing Lucky Jet for the rest of your life!


The game Lucky Jet is one that functions on an RNG, but many people have tried to come up with a way to predict when Lucky Joe will fall. This is a Lucky Jet predictor, and it is something you must never use. Not only does it go against the spirit of your favorite game, but it might also be malware that could ruin your system. Be aware, though, that if the system finds out that you are using an app for the game Lucky Jet, steps might be taken against you.

Lucky jet round

1win, the gaming corps, and Lucky Jet went to great lengths to make the game fun and exciting for every player. You can play the game for free to get a feel for how the RNG works and predict outcomes that way, as well. Consider the predictions and study the bonus games you can play.

Welcome bonus

While investigating the reliability of 1win online casino, we found that its bonuses were among its strongest points. In addition to the daily promotion and other limited-time incentives, registered users of the gaming platform are eligible for a special promotion that gives them a chance to win very large prizes. The 1win casino has an intriguing welcome offer, which will be discussed here.

Lucky jet bonus

Simply creating an account on the gaming platform will grant you instant access to a 500% bonus on the first deposit to go towards exploring the many online games the casino has to offer. Taking advantage of this exciting opportunity will allow you to begin playing and competing for one of the many jackpots available on the online gaming platform as soon as your registration and required documentation have been received.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Lucky Jet is a game we play to win money, and so there are a bunch of deposit and withdrawal methods available. Below are tables that show you all the payment options available for playing Lucky Jet at 1win Casino.

Deposit options

Payment Options Process Time Min/Max
PayTM Instant 300 / 70000 INR
Airtel Instant 300 / 10000 INR
UPI Instant 300 / 50000 INR
PhonePe Instant 300 / 50000 INR
GPay Instant 300 / 50000 INR
Visa Instant 300 / 73850 INR
Indian Banks Instant 300 / 10000 INR
Bitcoin Instant 300 / 258450 INR
Ethereum Instant 300 / 258450 INR
Tether Instant 300 / 738500 INR

Withdrawal options

Withdrawal Options Process Time Min/Max
UPI Instant 2000 / 90000 INR
Indian Banks Instant 1000 / 500000 INR
PhonePe Instant 2000 / 90000 INR
Visa Instant 735 / 73850 INR
IMPS Instant 2000 / 90000 INR
Perfect Money Instant 400 / 738500 INR

Tips and Tricks for Lucky Jet Players

Players must understand that at its foundation, this multiplier game is a game of luck. Because the odds are always stacked against the player, there is no surefire way to win. While some strategies are appropriate in most situations, others should be used only under exigent circumstances. Here are some examples of a winning strategy that you can employ:

  • The standard martingale tactic
    With a multiplier between 1.50x and 2.00x, as indicated on the screenshot to the right, your bet will double anytime you experience a loss and reset to the starting amount if you make gains in the short term. Don't get carried away, though, or your bankroll might run dry, or you'll hit the table's maximum wager.
  • Using two bets is a common strategy
    There's no point in us passing up the chance to double our money because playing this game allows you to do so. By placing a larger stake than usual to cover the original bet, we can increase our chances of winning by 1.5 times as much. If you can get out of there before the plane explodes, the rest is profit. The greater wager must always represent at least twice the size of the smaller wager. A small stake of one dollar and a larger bet of two dollars are two examples. This means you can win a total of $3 if you take your bet profits at a multiplier of 1.50x.
  • The safe method
    The essence of the safe method is to make a wager and then cash out at odds of x1.1. You won't make a lot of money, but you won't lose much, either. Even though the odds are x1.05, there will be instances when Lucky Joe wins anyhow. However, there is abundant proof on the message boards that this is the type of game that ultimately results in prizes and cash for your wallet.
    Among the drawbacks of this method that players have mentioned is the monotony of always making a withdrawal at the same coefficient. In this situation, it's best to activate autoplay so that the money transfer happens instantly.
  • The risky method
    To take a risky strategy is to anticipate odds of higher than x100. Veteran gamers understand that this ratio repeats itself every 60–90 minutes or 1–1.5 hours. If you go back far enough to study the previous rounds, you can find the last instance where the high odds were more than 100. Put off your large bets for an hour when you play this game to make the most of this probability theory.
    Of course, Lucky Jet provides options for middle-of-the-road tactics, ones that are neither overly cautious nor overly risky. Try messing around with the x2-x3 multiplier. The high odds are roughly 40-45 percent, which means that even if the bet is lost in the next round, it is still possible to win back and make money.

Lucky Jet Demo Version

No matter what the best Lucky Jet strategy is, you will want to get some practice with it before you bet real money on this gambling game. That's where the Lucky Jet demo comes in.

Lucky jet demo

The best way to get a handle on the Lucky Jet game rules is by playing Lucky Jet itself. The Lucky Jet game is available to play across many gaming websites. All of these allow you to play Lucky Jet using virtual money.

It's basically like playing a cash game for free. You won't win any rewards in demo mode, but this is how experienced players develop their own winning strategy. You will get a better understanding of what the right moment is to withdraw money, allowing you to have a fun gaming experience without losing a bet. There are many online casino sites allowing users to start playing Lucky Jet without risking money because the game is fun to play.

Download Lucky Jet App

You can always download the new version of the Lucky Jet APK if you are tired of playing your favourite game on your smartphone browser. Having Lucky Jet on your phone is the purest form of entertainment, as you can play and win on the go.

Lucky jet download

Just make sure you download the Lucky Jet app from the official site. It has options for every mobile device and runs on any operating system regardless of the mobile version. Playing Lucky Jet on Android and iOS devices has never been simpler.

Games at online casino sites have been accessible on mobile devices for a long time. If your mobile device can support the online game, then you should definitely play it there. All you have to do is download the Lucky Jet app, install it properly, and then run it on your device. After that, you'll be able to play it without any issues. If the online game does give you problems, you can always contact the 1win Lucky Jet customer service for help.


Before we come to the end of this article about Lucky Jet, we thought we would answer some common questions people ask about the game.

Is Lucky Jet legal in India?

There are no laws against playing games at an online casino in India, so you can start playing Lucky Jet with no fears using your player's account.

What is the maximum multiplier in Lucky Jet?

Regardless of the money you bet when the round starts, the maximum bet in this game is 200.

When is the best time to play Lucky Jet?

There is no best time to play this game! You should play the Lucky Jet game as soon as you can because the game offers top-notch enjoyment.

What is the minimum bet?

Regardless of the online casino, the minimum bet for 1win Lucky Jet is $0.10.

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