Effective Strategies for the Lucky Jet Game

If you play the Lucky Jet game or any other crash games like the Aviator game for a few rounds, you will already know that you need to come prepared with your own winning strategy before you can join the ranks of the most successful players. The best Lucky Jet strategy is one that lets you win money on the game while Lucky Joe flies. So, if you want to play Lucky Jet and are looking to form a game strategy, this article will explore ways to take advantage of the random number generator and the game as a whole as you play. Start playing Lucky Jet India in demo mode because, as of now, your only limitation is your lack of a Lucky Jet strategy!

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The Safest Strategy: Small Odds

Playing a game with low odds is the best strategy for beginners. It's likely to help the most cautious players secure their first win.

When the interest rate reaches 1.1, the bets are cashed out automatically. No one expects tremendous victories here, but the rate increases by 10% with each iteration. The starting rate will double from the previous rounds after ten iterations.

The odds change every 60-90 minutes. These are windows for high odds, so bet big! Otherwise, it is better to make smaller wagers. This is by design to incentivize players who like to bet big.

Using Double Bets

Each Lucky Jet player's minimum odds of winning can be doubled because Lucky Jet allows two wagers to be placed per round. With this in mind, we will use both rates to their fullest potential. The goal of this tactic is to avoid a negative bankroll in the game window by making sure that the first wager is larger than the sum of your first two bets and any subsequent bets.

Time your Lucky Jet bet at the beginning of the rounds with high odds. We make two wagers immediately. You can automate your first withdrawal at the coefficient x2.0 and manually close the second bet at the coefficient x4-x5. If bad luck strikes and Lucky Joe takes off before the end of the next round of the game, the initial bet played in automatic mode will compensate for your loss.

Playing Lucky Jet at 3-1

Another successful strategy to win the Lucky Jet game involves placing two separate wagers. It works well if a long series of bets with a coefficient of 5 to 10 does not lose. The basic tenet of the tactic is to cash out a large wager with poor odds and reinvest the proceeds or withdraw money into a smaller wager that will hopefully win the jackpot.

The Stairs Down Strategy to Play Lucky Jet

If your bankroll is small, try this approach to the game. When there are few people taking part, the odds of success increase. This approach is unusual since the rate of auto withdrawal is increased, and the automatic withdrawal rate is decreased at the same time. Say you place a $2 bet at a coefficient of 2 to 0 and win, and then proceed to wager the entirety of your profit on a bet with a lower odd. If the coefficient is 1, the next bet will be $4.


The Lucky Jet crash game is among the best casino games on the market. Whether you want to use our Lucky Jet strategies or your own strategy with simple calculations, you may earn money regardless. In time, you, too, will become one of the more experienced players and will be comfortable placing a larger bet. But before you place your first bet, make sure you practise Lucky Jet, even on Android and iOS devices.

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